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Garuda Truck & Eatery

The Best Indonesian In Wellington!

Nestled in the heart of Wellington city, you'll be lucky to stumble across an authentic taste of Indonesia. Follow the scent of our traditional herbs and spices: alongside a flock of Wellington's most reliable foodies, you'll find yourself outside the door of Garuda Truck & Eatery.

Here at 12 Majorbank Street, locals gather to share in some of Indonesia's most beloved staples, served at a quality that is both traditional and unforgettable. We're famous in the capital for our mouth-watering Mie Goreng, but in reality, this is just the beginning for what memorable flavours await.

Book a table with us to discover the depth of our full menu. Come one. Come all. Or perhaps, don't leave the house at all. Order online if you prefer the best Indonesia to come to you.

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Garuda Truck

Now Delivery The Best Indonesian Food

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Halal & Vegetarian

Authentic Indonesian Food

All our meals are Halal and include Vegetarian options

Mie Goreng

The Best Mie Goreng In Town!

Stir fried fresh noodles, with your choice of meat or tofu, green vegetables, spices, sweet soya sauce & crunchy shallot and one of your choice meat. Vegetarian Available.

Only $16

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Garuda Truck & Eatery

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Book a table with us to discover the depth of our full menu. Come one. Come all!